Event Planning



Planning Your Event: 

When you want your  conference or event organised, but you do not have the time or staff to do this yourself, we can manage this for you:

  •  Conference planning services – looking after your conference or event.
  • Professional conference organiser to manage your event.
  • Working with you, the client company, to plan and co-ordinate your conference or other event.
  • Liaising with conference speakers, dignitaries, sponsors, and special guests.
  • Preparing and handling all mail shots.
  • Managing all delegate bookings, fees, invoicing, enquiries.
  • On-line conference registration and event promotion at our website
  • Management of event registration and booking for all delegates.
  • Event Management of the conference before and during the event.
  • Management and liaison with hotel accommodation.
  • Attendance at your conference or event on each day; supply of registration staff.
  • Payment of all suppliers’ accounts.