Want a better-working body?

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Want to feel this good?

Want to feel this good?

Okay, hands up, who does NOT want a better-functioning body? Who does NOT want to have more energy, feel livelier, awake and get up each day with a bounce in your step?

Check out this article by Dick Ahlstrom in the Irish Times 5 Feb. 2015:

The gyms are full to capacity and there are joggers everywhere this time of year as people struggle to get fit. But what does it mean to be fit and what changes take place in the body when you get there?

A quick tour of human physiology shows that profound changes take place and these changes also bring huge health benefits. Risks of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and most other diseases drop when you take regular exercise.

“We are talking about a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke by between 20 and 35 per cent,” says Maureen Mulvihill, head of health promotion at the Irish Heart Foundation. “Type 2 diabetes risk drops by 33-50 per cent, and being active can help to control our weight and prevent and lower high blood pressure.”

Read the whole article here: http://www.irishtimes.com/news/science/how-exercise-changes-your-body-for-the-better-1.2082767