You eat with your emotions…

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What is your relationship with food? Does what, and how, you eat reflect your attitude to yourself, for good or ill? If you are mainly eating poor quality, snack and sugary foods, are you punishing yourself, and thinking ‘I have no value, so it doesn’t matter what rubbish I eat’?  

Anxiety, fear, depression, sadness, anger – these are emotions. If you are eating in response to these feelings, then you are eating with your emotions. If you can begin to recognise what is happening as you do this, you can take back control of what and how you eat and make a better choice.

iStock_000005518052_Medium smallerBody Confidence – What level is your body confidence? At what point do you accept yourself for what you are? We need to support and accept our body.

Body and Mind Image – What is your self image? Do you like yourself? What would it take to like yourself? People treat me the way I ask them to, sub-consciously. If people treat me badly, then I am asking them to do so from my poor self-image. Am I sabotaging my life in this way?

Food is an investment. How are you investing in your body? Are you making good or bad investments?

Become aware of what you devote your time and energy to.  Take responsibility for your eating and your health. Set goals and commit to them. Express gratitude, it’s a powerful gift and will relax you.