Stop Before you Start!

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 Running your own business, starting your own business, or seeking to change your career or job: these are all very stressful and daunting situations. Are you in any of these positions? Does that place feel a little bit scary right now? What are your biggest worries or fears? What are the key things that you feel you need to do or change? What is the first thing you need to do? What are you trying to achieve? What is your goal, and what is your deadline?

So many questions!  Where to begin? My advice, when you are at a crossroads, is to STOP. See that red Stop sign?

STOP sign

That is there for a reason. It is to warn you not to make a rash decision. It is not wise to drive, cycle or walk ahead, without first stopping, looking, listening and KNOWING where it is you want to go.  And what your goal or purpose is. Likewise, if you are at a business or career crossroads, you need to STOP, look and listen. If that makes sense to you, read on.

You have a plan, or you have a desire to change something in your life or your business, perhaps a change of direction. OR, you are not sure what you want to do, but you know that you hate, or are unhappy or tired of doing what you are now doing. The first thing is to clarify what your plan or desire is. So, first you need to define and refine your plan/idea.  The best way to do this is to write it down.  Next, list all the pros and cons of this plan/idea. Next, examine the reason behind your plan. What is the purpose of your plan? Be as specific as possible. Exactly what are you trying to achieve? What is the timeframe on this plan? Write down how you would ideally like to achieve that plan or idea. What is the first step you would take? Do you have the required skills for this new plan? Are you calm, focused, and in the right mental state to make these changes?

This is a process. You want to make a change in your career, your job, your business or, indeed, your life. Change can be scary. Change can be challenging. Change can be exhilarating. Change must also be planned for, contemplated, processed and executed in a strategic and effective manner to be successful. Successful change is not magic.  It is the result of that careful process outlined above. Business Coaching and Career Coaching can make the difference in assisting you to implement that change and achieve that plan or goal – successfully.  As the saying goes: “fail to prepare, and prepare to fail”. Your preparation, your clear thinking, strategic thinking and goal-setting will all contribute to your success, and avoid mishaps.

Your elevator pitch:   The Question: What do you do?

Your answer:

1. Tell about the people you help (for example:’I work with people who want to make changes in their life or job; or eat better‘) And

2. tell HOW you help them (‘I help them by getting them to clearly analyse what they are trying to achieve and then help them to implement the steps‘). Practise and practise this until you have it clearly and exactly, so that people can relate to what you are offering. Their ideal response should be ‘Oh, that’s me!’

Are you ready to STOP before you start, and then contact me to start work on your new plan?

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