Anti-Ageing Tip

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What's over this hill?

What’s over this hill?

Anti-Ageing Secret You Can

Start Any time

If you’re overweight and a little grey on top, here is the anti-ageing secret for you! Start it now and you’ll increase your odds of being disease-free in your next decade.

The secret? Walking. Or jogging or gardening – or doing just about anything that gets you up off the couch. Research shows that women (and also, presumably, men) who are active in their 60’s enjoy far better health into their 70’s.

The Good Habit That Gives Back
Yes, good news, it’s never too late to exercise. A recent study tracked the habits of more than 13,000 60-something women, and the fitness-minded ones were much more likely to make it into their 70’s free of chronic diseases and serious health problems. The more active women also experienced less physical and mental decline over time. And best of all, their odds of living longer and hanging onto their health were bolstered, even if they were overweight!


Come fly with me!

Come fly with me!