Fit and Healthy for Business

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Start your day this way!

Start your day this way!

My recent talk to 25 businesswomen on how to get Fit and Healthy for their Business was well-received.  Being fit for business means having a clear head, energy and vitality, calmness, ability to prioritise, keep a good work-life balance and remain focused.  We can only do this if we are fit and healthy, both mentally and physically.

Health is much more than absence of illness.  Your health is vital to the health of your business. How you care for yourself shows how you value yourself. Being sick or tired on a regular basis is not normal. Nor is it good for your career or business.

Gaining weight and feeling tired are not normal or part of the ageing process. If these are issues for you, how about talking to me (or any nutrition and health coach) and see how you can change things?

A healthy bowel is a happy place! For optimum digestive health, you need at least one bowel movement per day. This will eliminate the toxins that would otherwise build up and cause damage to your digestive system. If you want energy, to feel bright, lively and comfortable, ensure that you are eating enough soluble fibre (from whole grains, vegetables, and water) to keep your gut healthy.

Two ‘H’ words:      

  • Headaches
  • Heartburn

Both are caused by what you eat and by HOW you eat. Eat a little protein (cheese, eggs, seeds, nuts, fish, meat, milk) with EVERY meal. It helps to slow down your digestion. Eat plant protein (soy, whole grains, lentils, brown rice, quinoa, seeds and nuts) more than animal protein.

Drink 2 litres of WATER per day, every day!  Not soft drinks, which are full of sugar and empty calories, just water or herbal tea.

Drink room-temperature (not chilled or iced) water 10 – 15 minutes BEFORE each meal. Then only sip water with your meal, and do not drink much liquid for an hour afterwards. This allows your stomach to process the protein, and does not dilute the hydrochloric acid needed to do this.

Taking antacid medication or tablets will have the opposite effect, so avoid them!