Investing in Yourself

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Thought for the day…

Follow your energy! Ask yourself: What would I be great at doing NOW? Feel your energy and do that first… Take a long, slow deep breath, HOLD it, and then slowly release it. Only breathe through your nose. Repeat three times.

How much do you invest in yourself in the following ways?


  • Time on your own
  • Relaxation
  • New stimulii
  • Come fly with me!

    Come fly with me!

    Presents and treats

  • Fun and laughter
  • Off-duty activities
  • Doing things you like
  • Being with people who make you feel good
  • Praising yourself
  • Appreciating your uniqueness
  • Spending money on yourself in ways that enhance your life, your skills, your opportunities
  • Honouring your values, your needs

Get a Life Coach – and get ahead!

Having a life coach or business coach is another way of investing in yourself. But, you can also life coach yourself.

Self-Coaching Questions:

To be a more efficient life coach to yourself, ask yourself:

What are you best at doing for yourself? How do you do that?
What are you least practised in doing?
What might be a good first step to help you become more practised?
What is the first improvement you can make now in life coaching yourself?
What might you do next?

Limiting Beliefs – What’s holding YOU back?

The 7 + 1 Secrets of Brain Fitness

  • Aerobic exercise – just 30 minutes each day!
  • Mediterranean diet – lots of fruit, veggies and fish
  • New learning
  • Mental stimulation – try the crossword or Sudoku
  • Keeping stress under control
  • A rich social network
  • Think young
  • Finally, and most important – Drink 2 litres of water – every day!